Company Name: Snowboardschule Boardstars OG

Executive Partners: Norbert Pitzer & Werner Schrempf

Business purpose: snowboard school

UID-No: ATU68287613

Company Register No: 406097b

Company Register court: County Court Leoben

Business Location: Mosergasse 161, 8971 Schladming


Member of WKO organisation: sporting goods retailer

Trade regulations:

Trade Authority: District authority Liezen

Job Title: staatl. geprüfter Snowboardlehrer

Country: Österreich

Online dispute resolution: user can direct complaints to: or to

Privacy Policy

We created this Privacy Policy (version 02.01.2021-111604026), to declare which information we collect, how we use data and which options the users of our website have, according to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Every time you visit a website nowadays, our webserver (computer on which this website is saved/stored) might automatically save data such as

  • the address (URL) of the accessed website
  • browser and browser version
  • the used operating system
  • the address (URL) of the previously visited site (referrer URL)
  • the host name and the IP-address of the device the website is accessed from
  • date and time

in files (webserver-logfiles).

We do not pass this information to others, but we cannot exclude the possibility that this data will be looked at in case of illegal conduct.

Contact with us

If you contact us, either per phone, e-mail or via our contact form, the transmitted data will be stored in order to be able to fulfil your request. There is no transmission of your data that takes place to third parties.


Our website does not currently use any third party cookies, due to data privacy concerns (specifically, cookies that transmit data to Google and other big telecommunication companies.

Your rights as user

Due to the GDPR, you as user of our website, have a right to:

  • information about stored data
  • deletion of data
  • correction of data
  • transmittability of data
  • decline your permission to use said data
  • restriction of data

If you suspect that – despite all attempts to avoid it – that there have been a violation against the current version of the data privacy law, you can contact us under or make a formal complaint at the data protection authority.

You can reach us under following addresses:

Website owner: Norbert Pitzer & Werner Schrempf

Data Protection officer: 

Name: Clara-Maria Reimitz

Source: adapted & translated from in Kooperation mit Miete reduzieren faireMiete by Clara-Maria Reimitz